Price List

Traditional Thai Massage      399,-Kč/30min              650,-Kč/60min          860,-Kč/90min             1100,-Kč/120min

Traditional Thai Massage  (in Thai Nuat phaen boran- – นวดแผนโบราณ ) is an ancient body therapy method combining elements of Acupressure and Yoga. Thai Massage brings beneficial effects such as  pain relief, strengthening of immunity, detoxification, relief of stress and overall body & mind harmonization.

(For its numerous stretching exercises, Thai Massage is termed “Applied Hatha Yoga” or “Yoga for the Lazy”.)  (Even if Thai Massage may be painful in case of health problems, it will help you relieve these problems or even eliminate them completely.)

Thai Oil Massage      399,-Kč/30min    699,-Kč/60min            999,-Kč/90min             1200,-Kč/120min

Amazing oil massage offering time to relax and restore the balance of both your body and mind. Thai oil massage doesn’t use pressure as the traditional one, main focus is on relaxation of muscle tension.

Thai Aroma Massage         399,-Kč/30min       699,-Kč/60min          999,-Kč/90min              1200,-Kč/120min

Gentle, relaxing massage using natural aromatherapy oils which are softly massaged into the muscles.. Loving attention for arms and feet including individual fingers and toes secures exceptionally pleasing sensation.

Relax Massage                 399,-Kč/30min          699,-Kč/60min          999,-Kč/90min              1200,-Kč/120min

The perfect type of massage for hideaway from your daily life full of noise, rush and trouble. This caring massage will take you to the land of rest and peace to recharge your energy and regenerate the organism. Switch off and relax the mind while your body is being gently taken care of to restore its strength and balance.

Thai Herbal Massage                                     750,-Kč/60min           1100,-Kč/90min                                   

Unique Thai herbs and spices warm up and relax the tired body resulting in quick relief of pain and stress. The herbal aroma released to the air has an aromatherapy effect too, evoking a perfect feeling of complete relaxation and comfort, physical and mental harmony.


Hot Oil massage                 450,-Kč/30min   750,-Kč/60min              1090,-Kč/90min            1300,-Kč/120min


Pleasantly hot oil deeply warms the muscles and elongates the relaxing effects. This massage will wipe away the stiffness bringing comforting heat to your body and soul – exquisite treat for chilly days !

Thai Foot Massage       390,-Kč/30min         599,-Kč/60min + 10min Foot SPA


Ancient technique of foot massage stimulating reflex points connected to related body organs, (enabling to positively influence them, boost their natural rejuvenation, relieve them of pain, or even completely heal them) . Natural massage oil nourishing your feet is part of the massage as well as stretching and relaxing individual toes.

Back and Neck Massage                           555,-Kč/45min

The ultimate massage for relieving tension in upper back, shoulder and neck area. The technique of applied pressure onto acupressure points and thus relaxing specific areas is an excellent fighter against stress !

Thai Head and Shoulder Massage       555,-Kč/45min

Traditional massage of head, face, neck and shoulders without oil use will perfectly lighten your head and release neck stiffness. It proves to be very effective for headaches or migraines – you can easily relax, let go of any tension or stress and calm your mind.


Thai Facial Massage + Mask           399,-Kč/35min

Facial massage has the most beneficial and most relaxing effects of all the massage types, especially on the central nervous system. Thanks to the enormous amount of nerve receptors on the face, facial massage affects not only the nervous system but also the whole body. Muscle tissue in the face diminishes with age, fine wrinkles appear around the mouth, eyes and forehead. Face massage helps to delay the aging process as it improves blood circulation, muscle flexibility and makes you feel amazing, shining health !



( valid during working days Mon-Fri )


10.00 – 12.00  for      499,-Kč/60min                       750,-Kč/90min

12.00 – 15.00  for      550,-Kč/60min                       850,-Kč/90min

15.00 – 20.00  for      699,-Kč/60min                       999,-Kč/90min


Sangdao Thai massage

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Happy hours

HAPPY HOURS ( platí pouze v pracovní dny )   10.00 – 12.00hod  za cenu   499,-Kč/60min                       750,-Kč/90min 12.00 – 15.00hod  za cenu   550,-Kč/60min                       850,-Kč/90min  

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